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Welcome to Lordstown "Jean Smith" Invitational


2023 marks the 24th year of the Lordstown "Jean Smith"

Cross Country Invitational, and the Lordstown Athletic

Department would like to thank the schools participating

in this year's event.


Jean Ann Smith was a long-time resident of the village of

Lordstown and was the school's athletic director for several

years.  Jean had a desire to see the kids in Lordstown

succeed, and was willing to do anything for her school. One

of her goals was to host a cross country invitational within

the village.  Together with Frank Rahde (long-time track

and cross country coach at Lordstown), Jean began the

Lordstown Cross Country Invitational in September of 2000.

Since then, Jean passed away, but she is still remembered

by many for the impact she made in the Lordstown

community, school, and students.


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